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, “recollection (of someone or something); awareness,

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canada goose outlet Mid 13c., “recollection (of someone or something); awareness, consciousness,” also “fame, renown, reputation,” from Anglo French memorie (Old French memoire, 11c., “mind, memory cheap canada goose , remembrance; memorial, record”) and directly from Latin memoria “memory, remembrance, faculty of remembering,” noun of quality from memor “mindful, remembering,” from PIE root (s)mer “to remember” (Sanskrit smarati “remembers,” Avestan mimara “mindful;” Greek merimna “care, thought,” mermeros “causing anxiety, mischievous, baneful;” Serbo Croatian mariti “to care for;” Welsh marth “sadness, anxiety;” Old Norse Mimir, name of the giant who guards the Well of Wisdom; Old English gemimor “known,” murnan “mourn, remember sorrowfully;” Dutch mijmeren “to ponder”). Meaning “faculty of remembering” is late 14c. In English.canada goose outlet

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